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Standard Sweep

Standard Sweep of an open fire flue, woodburning stove or gas fire.
Typically takes between 40 and 60 minutes.

(4 hours)
£ 59.00

Sweep & Smoke Test

A standard sweep followed by a HETAS standard smoke test to determine the condition of the flue.

(4 hours)
£ 85.00

Birdguard / Cowl / Cap - Supply and Fit

Supply and fit of a birdguard, cowl or chimney cap for either gas, solid fuel or unused fires.

(4 hours)
£ 109.00

External Chimney Work

This covers and maintenance the chimney stack may require. Such as a new chimney pot or repairs to the brickwork.
(prices will vary depending on the level of work required).

(4 hours)
£ 100.00